Dalmatian Jasper and black Sea Shells


Яшма и Перламутр

This 2, Dalmatian Jasper and black Sea Shells, seem to make a good couple. I tryed black Sea Shells with other stones but that combinations were not very successful, I think.

I wrote about the properties of Jaspers many times, so I don’t want repeat the same information in every post, the only thing I want to remember here, they say, all Jaspers (and I have 4 colors of them) have similar properities but every color has own “specialization”.

Here, in the bottom, is the photo of black colors in my collection. The cross is possible to remove from the necklace. Black onyx with Swarovsky crystalls necklace is very “serious” and beautiful. All these necklaces are long enough. You can find more photos if you open Categories on the right.

Бронзит, чёрный оникс, яшма и перламутр

Semiprecious stones for you

I did not write about semiprecious stones for a long period, it’s a sinn. I love them, but this winter without sun makes so that you lose the wish to have and to see anything except sun. My dear friends, I wish you sun! And Warm Spring ! And Good Mood !

Для Тебя

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These necklaces etc are the best you can find in the net because they are made for YOU and with a thought about YOU.

I love writing about gemstones the gemstone are the best gift from god which provide us a wonderful look and makes beauty to the human when we wear it there are various types of gemstones it’s quite difficult to identify it in that way it should be identified through it chemical composition I found a best place to identify the gemstone easily https://gemfame.com/gemstone-identification-chart/

Zodiac stone for spices

JeДля Рыбокwelry Release News Blog

Dear Pisces, here you can see how many and different stones the astrology offers to us. (I’m from this company, Pisces, too :0))

I wrote about Zodiac stones different times in this blog. It will be enough to click on Category Zodiac and you will find lists, different opinions about this passion etc. I don’t want to repeat and repeat the same every time, so I decided to show you the stones of our sign with one photo. It’s clear, the stones on the photo are those I offer. Read the posts if you would like to buy precious stones or those I have not.

But if we look at those that you can find here, by me, they are just so numerous! For all tastes and desires. I like all of them. Oh yes, I love stones.

If you want to see every necklace, you can scroll main page of this blog. Mystic Gemstones Blog . Write me if you like them.

Для Рыбок

Where Semiprecious Stones Come From?

I think, you’ve see such stones many times. They are in sell everywhere where there are semiprecious stones. They are in the shops, they are n the houses of your friends, they are in museums and in the specialized sites. Here is the photo from one of the museums. Te only difference is they are bigger than thiose you have seen before.

Find the the best place to buyer rough gemstones




Have you ever thought: where they come from? How they are situated in the rocks etc? If you asked you some of these questions, now you can see the answer. I post here 2 photos taken by one friend in Argentina in Minas de Wanda

usually most of the rough gemstones become the loose gemstone after it’s been cut in into a shape and polished. check variety of gemstone here https://gemfame.com



Hot Trend: Scottish Jewellery

Scottish Jewellery is known in the world for it’s unique blending of traditional and weird rages. Celtic inspired jewellery accessories represent ancient symbols called to bond lovers forever, to protect adults or babies from the spirits. The complicated Celtic knotworks remember use of these items as talismans of longevity. Flowers of heather and other Scottish heraldic themes attract customers while they symbolize for many persons stunning nature and heroic history of this nation. Traditional Scottish style in jewelry inspires many gift ideas not only for special occasions like marriages with special rings and other accessories, but items for everyday use too.

The other important aspect is that Scottish jewelry is handcrafted in Scotland. It means, the craftsmen do not use cheap imported materials, their creations do not suffer on quality. Contrary, the motto of these skilled artists of their industry is giving to the customers items that they can transform from important gifts into family heirlooms. These gifts made by Scottish craftsmen have to last for buyers’ and their descendants’ lifetimes and to deserve for their quality and artistic value to pass down in the families.

Traditionally oriented is not the only style of designer jewellery in Scotland. Contemporary accessories are characterized by exquisite beauty too. Because of peculiarities of the Scottish clothing, they have very special accessories that nobody in the world creates more. For example, kilt pins or other kinds of pins made only by Scottish jewellers. Very interesting are silver enamel items like pendants, bracelets and rings that feed our fantasy about the magic earth of Scotland.

Mysterious Alexandrite and Lost Emerald Crystals

Semiprecious stones have generally very interesting stories in their histories. Somebody maybe will remember my old post about Malachite, Hostess of the Copper Mountain, where unfortunatelly some photos actually are removed from free photo hosting I use normally. I told you many interesting stories here too. We can remember Carnelian (From Shub-Ad And Prophet Mahomet To Pushkin With Carnelian) and others.

Emerald Gemstones
Emerald Gemstones

In the last period I learned a geologist, Michael Leikum, thanks to his blog and a book he actually publishes in it. The book’s title is “Mysterious Stone of Zar Alexander II”. It is about Alexandrite and about other stones.

The chapter I read yesterday is about emeralds and emerald mines in Russia. Precious stones were always objects that attracted attention of all kinds of people. The chapter I read tells about the head of the emerald mines, Mr. Kokovin, that was put into prison accused to hide very big crystal of emerald, 2226 gr, and many minor crystals. This crystal arrived than in S. Petersburg and …was lost there (in 1835). Nobody wanted to bother listening poor Kokovin intended to obtain justice. And he remained an other victim of the human longing for the precious stones.

The crystal that everybody can see in the collection of Fersman Mineralogical Museum today, “the Kokovin Emerald”, seems to be not that pure original crystal the documents describe.
Photos of emeralds you see here are from Wikipedia.

I asked the author of the book, Michael Leikum, to send me photos of Alexandrite for this my blog, and here you see what he sent me (in the bottom). I add some words from the book. I hope this information will be interesting for you because it’s about jewelry too:

This stone is really mysterious and very rare. Many persons neared us (authors) during the exhibitions of the minerals and showed us their jewels made “from Alexandrite” but those never were real Alexandrites, those were always false stones.

It’s difficult to find truthful information about this stone. Available in internet articles and other pubblications often contain mistaken facts about it. (Source)

Now the photos. Alexandrite is very interesting because it changes it’s color in different conditions of the light. Normally it is emerald green but in the light of a candel it changes it’s color till crimson, raspberry pink. It is “Emerald” in the morning and “Amethyst” in the evening. I wanted to find more photos of this peculiarity, but these, seems to me, are the only photos demonstrating this efffect (I don’t pretend I’ve consulted ALL the sites in internet) . On the first photo is Alexandrite in the day light. Second is the same stone taken with the light of the lamps. (This stone is in a museum in Yekaterinburg, photos taken by M.P.Popov)


Other minerals can change their colors too but not so marked.


Александрит в искусственном освещении