Dalmatian Jasper and black Sea Shells


Яшма и Перламутр

This 2, Dalmatian Jasper and black Sea Shells, seem to make a good couple. I tryed black Sea Shells with other stones but that combinations were not very successful, I think.

I wrote about the properties of Jaspers many times, so I don’t want repeat the same information in every post, the only thing I want to remember here, they say, all Jaspers (and I have 4 colors of them) have similar properities but every color has own “specialization”.

Here, in the bottom, is the photo of black colors in my collection. The cross is possible to remove from the necklace. Black onyx with Swarovsky crystalls necklace is very “serious” and beautiful. All these necklaces are long enough. You can find more photos if you open Categories on the right.

Бронзит, чёрный оникс, яшма и перламутр

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