Hot Trend: Scottish Jewellery

Scottish Jewellery is known in the world for it’s unique blending of traditional and weird rages. Celtic inspired jewellery accessories represent ancient symbols called to bond lovers forever, to protect adults or babies from the spirits. The complicated Celtic knotworks remember use of these items as talismans of longevity. Flowers of heather and other Scottish heraldic themes attract customers while they symbolize for many persons stunning nature and heroic history of this nation. Traditional Scottish style in jewelry inspires many gift ideas not only for special occasions like marriages with special rings and other accessories, but items for everyday use too.

The other important aspect is that Scottish jewelry is handcrafted in Scotland. It means, the craftsmen do not use cheap imported materials, their creations do not suffer on quality. Contrary, the motto of these skilled artists of their industry is giving to the customers items that they can transform from important gifts into family heirlooms. These gifts made by Scottish craftsmen have to last for buyers’ and their descendants’ lifetimes and to deserve for their quality and artistic value to pass down in the families.

Traditionally oriented is not the only style of designer jewellery in Scotland. Contemporary accessories are characterized by exquisite beauty too. Because of peculiarities of the Scottish clothing, they have very special accessories that nobody in the world creates more. For example, kilt pins or other kinds of pins made only by Scottish jewellers. Very interesting are silver enamel items like pendants, bracelets and rings that feed our fantasy about the magic earth of Scotland.

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